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We leverage our technology-based marketing programs & our superior buying power in travel & leisure to cultivate extraordinary proprietary rates & opportunities for our partners.

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Loyalty currencies


Loyalty currencies.

With long-standing relationships and proprietary rates in the travel and leisure industry - along with our unique yield-based technology platforms - our programs cannot be matched or duplicated.

Utilising our exclusive and proprietary rates on travel and leisure products, Lifestyle Loyalty Group funds consumer savings through various alternative loyalty currency programs including:

  • Multi-tiered currency values and membership levels
  • Loyalty or membership points
  • Holiday ownership points or weeks

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Loyalty programs & member benefits


Loyalty programs & member benefits.

By leveraging the power and appeal of travel and lifestyle activities, we can help you enhance customer engagement, retention and overall brand satisfaction.

Our loyalty and member programs provide consumers with access to travel and lifestyle benefits while using loyalty rewards and redemption. With our integrated, Lifestyle Loyalty Group-funded currencies, we provide cash savings on tens of thousands of travel and lifestyle products. Our unique travel and lifestyle member benefits can help increase:

  • Brand loyalty
  • Customer engagement
  • Sales efficiencies
  • Upgraded purchases
  • Referrals
  • Timely fee payments
  • Customer value
  • Bottom-line results

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Loyalty programs & member benefits

Incentive programs


Incentive programs.

Innovative incentives on travel and lifestyle products, reward preferred actions and provide instant gratification, accomplishing your marketing and sales objectives.

Options to deliver travel & leisure incentive products to your customers include:

  • Loyalty or referral rewards
  • Travel & Lifestyle gift cards
  • Sales incentives
  • Employee recognition tools
  • Maintenance or club fee rebates
  • E-certificates or customised savings cards

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Our commitment to leading-edge technology development and innovation gives us the advantage and power to provide award-winning products and services.

Our proprietary technology platforms and private branded call centers are designed to support customers using alternative currencies. These multi-tiered, high-value travel-based programs are anchored by a sophisticated CRM system that manages memberships, loyalty programs, and alternative currency use, as well as providing:

  • Automated delivery of travel and lifestyle benefits for cash or loyalty currency
  • Powerful yield and booking tools to leverage rate programs
  • Brandable product delivery and fulfillment globally
  • Dynamic yield engine

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With over 2,200 employees servicing 22 countries, Lifestyle Loyalty Group delivers outstanding service and exceptional value.

Handling over 6 million inbound and outbound calls annually, our world-class fulfillment operations are focused on the sales, fulfillment and customer service of travel and lifestyle-based benefits for our partners and their customers. We provide:

  • Private branded services for over 100 different corporations, resorts and hotels
  • Dedicated agents deliver exceptional service in 22 languages with support for 40 currencies
  • Call centers that continuously gauge and enhance the customer's experience.

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We work with the very best companies in the travel industry.

The strength of our world-renowned travel vendor relationships, enables us to offer unapparelled value, personalised service and experiences at thousands of world-class destinations via cruises, hotels, resorts & trusted tour providers.